Psychologically: In the Greek legend the lance belonged to Apollo, the sun-god. In the medieval legend the lance of the Sangraal knight was a symbol for a Christian light and had the meaning of a remedial symbol. See Freud saw in the lance - as well as in any other long object - a phallic symbol which to itself with the intimate one live together from man and woman occupies. Today, nevertheless, this interpretation is too narrow: The lance points in dreams mostly to a physically sexual tension and their overcoming. With older people she often appears those with which a Roman soldier Christ has opened the side, so as the picture of the suffering which can point to indispositions or illnesses, but also to their overcoming. A broken lance can mean that one should break a lance for somebody. Spiritually: One of the oldest Trutzwaffen and phallisches life symbol, sign of the sunray and tools heavenly justice. Artemidoros: Somebody dreamt, it wounds him a lance fallen down by the sky on a foot. One was bitten on just that foot by a so-called lance queue, he got the caries and died. Popular: (arab).: see or carry: is careful in the next time, you could be involved in quarrel and quarrel, - also: you enter for your friends and have profit, break: you will reconcile yourself with enemies, see swinging: one will challenge you, are wounded with it: there is honest injury danger, - also: a harsh disappointment experience. (European ones).: almost in all cases as a purely erotic symbol to evaluate, - also: menacing enemies will come up on one, - hatred, hostility, disagreement, see: one will be got involved in a quarrel which is instigated by others, carry or with it work: one is himself a cause of a quarrel or adds the occasion, are wounded by one: a wrong judgment will prepare for a frustration, break one: apparently impossible is reached and wishes will come true. (See also war)