Popular: (arab).: tells bad times and laborious trips in, - also: one will have to wait for news still long, - also: your duties press you, endures, soon it changes and better, walk on it: one will get on in the life only if one proves perseverance and patience, finally, however, nice success achieves. (European ones).: country road symbolises an unwieldy other life with hard work, grief and worries. see an endless country road or on it go: announces many difficulties in the occupation which must be overcome, use an unknown, bad country road: speaks for the beginning of new enterprises which bring only annoyance and time delay, one of trees and flowers lined ones: stands for pleasure and unexpected luck, are accompanied by friends in a journey: an ideal family life in a nice one drive home, leave one: one will meet a business wrong decision with financial losses. (ind).: walk on it: you will have to leave your job by your own guilt. (See also 'street')