Psychologically: If one lives as a prisoner or refugee without being it, in a camp, one has to fight in the awake life with problems, one is shy in prejudices. Only the leisure camps admit positive ends: One wants to move in the circle of happy people, longs from the loneliness, for harmony and sociability. Popular: (arab).: in the field: you must economise very much, are in it: a lot of noise make around nothing, have a good one: come to pleasing relations, have a bad one: the opposite of it. (European ones).: (bivouacs with soldiers) see: bad times, see a camping place: many friends will change clothes it, - own views are sombre, camp down under free sky: it announces to itself a change, - one prepares for a long and unwieldy trip, - means the carelessness which will bring no damage her beloved difficulties will have Finding to themselves a young woman in a camp, to fix them to a wedding appointment. He will turn out good husband. If she is in a military camp, it will marry with the first-best opportunity. Dreaming a married woman, them is in a soldier's camp, a separation or the danger threatens that she stains the name of her husband. (ind).: you should not complain, your lot becomes thereby not better, outside: you will enjoy glad hours.