Psychologically: Currant points to a continual good friendship or love relationship which one already has or for which one looks. However, the juice of the berries can also symbolise boredom because a respect has solidified in routine of the everyday life and has cooled off. Generally a sweet-sour symbol for a happy life. Popular: (arab).: red ones see: announce a carefree, harmonious time of the permanence, white ones: one will receive a satisfaction, - also: if a happy relationship forecasts, black ones: Lovesickness by faithlessness of a beloved person, pick: a love affair begins, immature ones see or eat in general: the momentary satisfaction will be disturbed by disagreeable news which concerns to a being close person. (European ones).: see in the bush: one will deal with frank people, branches of it break off: one will acquire to himself a loyal friendship, have in the harvest time: if means permanence and satisfaction, have beyond the season: if means infidelity, drink juice of it: one searches change, red ones: Firmness and permanence of the character, - permanence of the current social and informal situation, white ones: Peace and plentiful salary, - luck in a dear matter, - satisfaction, black ones: Faithlessness of the partner and lovesickness, boil down: loyal love and a lot of luck. (ind).: eat: happy dear advertisement, pick: Freud follows grief.