Association: - Common characteristic, - comfort, - freedom. Question: - Where in my life I feel at home? Where would I feel with pleasure more at home? Psychologically: Sigmund Freud would have pushed to them with certainty sexual symbolism in the pockets - but at his time there were not the meistgetragenste trousers of the world (in Europe) yet. The narrow blue have only since the seventies years - and a dream research study in California - symbolic value: for the individualism which leads 'under conducive circumstances and by confirmation by a suitable sphere to positive group behaviour'. Everything's all right? By the way: More than 90% of the interviewees of this study saw a 'independence symbol' in jeans because they are 'sexily and easy-care', practically 'in every situation portable' - jeans would have released the world from conventional clothes compulsions. So realistically survey results can be for the dream research. (See also clothes)