Psychologically: Absolutely normal people sometimes dream of the fact that they are delivered to a madhouse of which they will not come out any more. Translated in the reality this institution circumscribes nothing else than her maybe a little unstable conduct which must be steered again in the right road. The dream can also disclose a certain hopelessness in a certain everyday situation. These can be illnesses, or not get professional insults, about which we in the core. Popular: (arab).: see or are in it: great pranks commit, - also: Disputes and hostility. (European ones).: sends a reminder to the care and warns about a misfortune, - also: if illnesses and bad shops promise, - these setbacks are to be overcome only with the biggest spiritual strains, are dismissed from one: one succeeds in releasing itself from underhand enemies who prepare for a lot of griefs. (ind).: you will suffer heavy insults.