Psychologically: Hypnosis mostly warns about the influencing of others, however, can also register that one himself exerts a strong influence, - in both cases one must watch out for abuse. Partly insecurity and missing sense of responsibility appears to the symbol for own life. Popular: (arab).: in general: one pays attention to the fact that one keeps away from influencings and does not try to influence other, - (37, 70) see hypnotising: you will become a going on person, become: you will attain by foreign example life cleverness, be: you are tempted into something for what you cannot answer. (European ones).: one does not know surely what one does or wants to act - or one does not want to know it and Li> flees in the exonerating hypnosis, hypnotise somebody: one will exert a big influence on a person, others enchant: with the control of the surroundings own willpower, are hypnotised: one will suffer a big business loss by a foreign person, - one stands under the influence of another person, therefore, care is announced, are in hypnosis: one does not know what one does, is hypnotised and under foreign influence stand: if a disaster indicates, - enemies hit to one in her spell, Seeing a young woman that she is under strange influence means this a sudden danger. hypnosis images see: worries and difficulties threaten in the business and domestic sphere as well as injurious conditions, experience how a Hypnotiseur others hypnotises and turns then to one, fails, however: promises forthcoming annoyance which your friends cannot repulse, - however, one himself is in the state to turn away own annoyance successfully.