Psychologically: The intoxicating smelling spring flower is valid as a symbol for special joy of life and demanding pleasure. Hyacinth mostly expresses the wish for marriage and family. After old dream books the wilted flower can warn about a disappointment by a being close person whom one trusted. Popular: (arab).: see in full blossom or the smell feel: indicate at a happy future, - it are brought to an honest and hearty feeling, - one wants to give pleasure to you. (pers).: you is a messenger of the prosperity and enjoyable life. Just now the dreaming person should be strong and not endanger her values: otherwise she can enjoy the life freely and joyfully. (Woman + / child +) (European ones).: expression of the fort-testifying life, - expectation of a rich dear life and married life, - promise good, fulfilment of longest preserved wishes, see: lets presents expect, - one is liked with the people in general, pick: a painful separation of a friend approaches what is, nevertheless, at last well for one, receive given: if tender love registers, wilts see: the expectations in a person are disappointed. (ind).: flowers have: your future will be cheerful and carefree, precious stone: you will receive a present. (See also flowers, precious stones)