Association: - as a rule a male aspect, - unreserved love, - obedience, - loyally, reliably. Question: - Am I reliable? What do I love unconditionally? medicine wheel: Key words: Friend, - loyally, - protecting, - outcasts, - hero, - allies, - affectionate nature. Description: This tamed relative of the wolf as well as the coyote is for a long time a wonderful friend of the person. About many centuries away the dog has given his protection, his love and loyalty to his human companion. Some legends tell about the fact that the dog treats for his devotion to the people, the animals often badly, was expelled from the remaining animal world. The history is still interweaved by person and dog close with each other, and in many cases people have made the only spot the experience by dogs to love a member of the animal kingdom. When those could be dogs a lot rather the heroes instead of the outcasts of the animal kingdom. General meaning: Your connection with the animal kingdom, - your connection with the animal in you, - loyalty, - friendship, - protection. Association: A term of abuse with which a person is lowered, - dog-tired, - poor dog. Transcendent meaning: An important ally, - a leader in the dream world. Psychologically: The dog must be looked in the dream always in the connection, because he has two different meanings. On the one hand he is a friend and protector of the person and watches over his possession, on the other hand, he attacks enemies of his man and gets therefore unequivocal aggression meaning. The meaning also depends on whether the dreaming knows him (maybe a domestic animal from the childhood), then he can stand for happy recollections, or not, then he possibly symbolises loyalty and the unreserved love as the person knows them of dogs. As with dreams of cats the real respect of the dreaming with dogs has results for the interpretation of dog dreams. Has to the dreaming fear of dogs, a terrified dream of a dog can simply reflect this setting. Like the dreaming, however, dogs and he finds the dream dog frightening, this can uncover the vulnerability of the dreaming and the need to revalue his present situation. Some dream analysts think that dogs express traits 'similar to dog' of the dreaming like devotion, loyalty and friendship in dreams. If it concerns a dog race with specific qualities, as for example the quickness of a greyhound and so forth, then it is a special talent of the dog which the dreaming must develop to be able to concentrate also furthermore upon a certain aim. Dog encloses desires (above all sexual), instincts and feelings, - then he expresses own settings, warns maybe also against suppressing these psychic contents too strongly. In the other sense the animal can embody the manly aggressive sexuality. Sometimes he also appears as a leader by the world of the unconscious who requests to the self-knowledge. If a dream of a pack of wild dogs acts, explains of these feelings before which of the dreaming fear has. The sexual meaning of dogs in the dream probably illuminates from her characteristic to carry out sexual actions in all public and, hence, is valid also as a symbol of the uninhibited activity of the person concerning what one dares to do usually mostly only covertly. They symbolise the propelling life and desirable life, however, on a little bit primitive base, always linked with certain fear of mess it could originate if one acted so - how the dog. Vicious dogs in the dream of a man indicate at jealousy. If a woman experiences the dream, the dreamer is assessed quite unrestrained. That is not that she also lives in such a way, only the disposition to the lack of restraint exists. Therefore, women often also dream of how a dog is led in the rope. That is they rein her desires. What always happens in the dream with the dog, he shows the Triebhaftigkeit as those. As a fear animal in the dream the dog is only the paraphrase of own bad conscience often. Where he accompanies us, the instinct keeps up us, - where he is chained or is tormented, inferiority complex, in the awake life high-level cooking bubbles in the unconscious. Big dogs strengthen the said up to now, small ones weaken it. A big dog can also be a symbol for protecting a narrow friend. A small dog also points to the worries that the friendship is meaningless. The meaning 'on the dog come' is sometimes right in the group with other symbols. If one carries a dog on the arm, one has the impulsive in his power. A dead dog points to the fact that has died in any soul corner a little bit which we should wake to new life. Steckel believed that the bite of a dog contains the warning before animal passions, the fear of infections or the dark rest of the castration fear in the foot. Aggressive dogs register for usual fear of an attack. Has one to fight with an aggressive colleague or with envy of Somebody from the social sphere? The dream dog can show somebody whom one knows. Thus the dream could refer to the present feelings for this person. Was one the 'master' or 'little woman' of the dog or did one have rather an equal respect? A dog whom bark excitedly or joyfully can express that one is accepted in the society. However, a nastily barking dog can announce professional challenges. The dogs who fight in a dream can symbolise a fight between friends or in the family. Was it a short fight? Who won him? Spiritually: At the spiritual level the dog is the leader in the underworld in the dream. Artemidoros: What concerns the dogs, one distinguishes first hounds, namely on the one hand Feel, on the other hand, inflammatory dogs, - secondly watchdogs, called also court and chains dogs, - thirdly the so-called Maltese dogs (Elegant animals of the sharp dog's race with long white silk hair, - they were liked in the imperial time with the ladies very much.) one holds for the pleasure. Now the hounds the outwards acquired mean it, - therefore, it is good if one sees hunt them with and catching if they have carried off already a little bit or if they move just on the hunt, - then they are a symbol of initiative. If they return, however, in the town, they mean shutdown of the shops, - then then they have the job behind themselves. Watchdogs call the wife, the members of the family and the acquired having and property. If they are healthy and they wave her man in, this says that wife and member of the family fulfil her domestic duties conscientiously and that Having and Property are probably protected, - however, they are ill, they show the called illness and to him wears and property Losses. If they behave furiously, they bark or bite, they announce misdeeds of them suitable people and big losses. The foreign dogs whom anwedeln, mean posters and underhandedness of non-worthy guys or women and if they bite or bark acts of violence and misdeeds, - the closer prophesy the white dogs open ones, the black secret one, the reddish not quite open ones, the mottled quite bad act of violence. They resemble not at all because aristocratic or free, but violent and impertinent person, - then so the dogs have taken. Often they announce fever, because of the Sirius which is called as an originator of the same by some 'dog', - then the dog is comparable a violent and thoughtless animal and the feverish glow. (Still the general faith of the antiquity presumably is in the unfavorable interpretation of the dogs after which the dog was looked as an impure and demoniacal being. Plutarch reports in the life of the Kimon (cape. 18) from an odd dream which this had shortly before a military enterprise against Egypt and Kypros. It seemed to him, as if a bad dog barked at him and says, he should go with him, because he would be to him and his boys a friend. Astyphilos of Poseidonia, a friend Kimons, explained to him, the dream means his death, because a dog is for a person at whom he barks, an enemy, and from an enemy cannot become one rather, as if he dies, a friend. The dog days in which the sun and Sirius rise at the same time last from the 24th of July to the 24th of August and show the hottest season for Europe.) The Maltese dogs mean the darling and most pleasant what one owns in the life. So they indicate pain and affliction if to them something attacks. Popular: (arab).: enemies mean of dogs. Dreaming somebody, a dog barks at him, he will get with a disgraceful enemy in a battle of words. Biting him the dog, he will be pressed by such a guy hard. Seeming it one, a dog tears his clothes, a disgraceful enemy will do harm to his possession and his honour. he will destroy Killing he the dog, such an opponent. dog meat indicates to eat, one will bring the property of a disgraceful enemy in himself. in the dream dog milk to drink fright and Siechtum prophesies. Being the dog to whom one looks a shepherd or a wild dog, the enemy will come from the stranger, - it is a hound, from the clan of own members. Dreaming of the emperors, one brings him different dogs from a foreign one or own country, he will lead foreign and local soldiers against his enemies in the field. Generally every dog means a soldier in the dream of the emperor. see: a faithlessness experience, Li> hear barking one: an unexpected visit comes to the house, Li> several hear barking: Defamation by neighbours, Li> hear howling or dying: bad premeaning, - heavy stroke of fate, - illness, Li> black ones see: forthcoming misfortune, - wrong friends is nearby, Li> white ones: loyal friendship, Li> are bitten of it: Flatterers will damage to you, - also: a bad conscience have, Li> see a great one: in great danger get, Li> see playing: good friendship with friends, - peace and unity, Li> fighting: Quarrel with neighbours, Li> see bite and scuffling: avoid a quarrel in the family, - quarrel because of an inheritance, Li> going hunting: you will succeed, Li> on person or animals rush: improve your sense, otherwise it remain a tiresome being under deinesgleichen, Li> dead: one cannot count on his friends, Li> dog food: one expects impossible of you. (European ones).: instinct reminder, normal desirable reaction or propelling reaction which enjoys life about the dog, Li> see a loyal one: you will get to know loyal people, - also: Your partner is loyal to you in spite of contrary rumours. many-headed dog: one threatens to waste himself, success requires always full concentration, Li> small dogs: stand for low thoughts and desire in frivolous pleasure, Li> unkempt dogs see: tell of mi├člichen shops or ill children, Li> a little lap dog see: Friends will stand by one in heavy times, Li> emaciated and sicklyy little lap dog: one must make himself calm on difficulties, Li> decorated little lap dogs: testify from vanity, egoism and narrow-mindedness of her owner, - this dream forecasts a fop as lovers to A young woman. to white ones see: a good, pleasant acquaintance, Li> friendly white to one comes up: Omen of a happy meeting, - a woman can marry soon afterwards, Li> black: Betrayal by friends, Li> see a red one: one will not be able to count on his friends, unfortunately, Li> trusting dog: if Li> often warns about cunning and deception, own a nice one: one will be a big wealth call own, Li> with one play: substantial profits and loyal friends stand in view, - also: his opponents overcome, Li> playing ones: Success in the business, - a loyal lover, - reconciliation with a divided friend, Li> see an evil one: announce inevitable bad luck, - even the biggest strains will not bring the desired success, Li> kill an evil one: one will defeat disposition opponent and run financial profit, Li> are frightened by them: if forthcoming danger allows to fear, Li> are afraid at the sight of a big mastiff: one will have problems to outgrow the average, - A woman this dream promises a wise husband. are pursued by a bloodhound: one could succumb to a temptation which causes the setting, Li> are attacked by him or are torn down: you will come to danger, - reminder to the care, Li> rush one on somebody: if brings hostility, Li> dogs hear growling: one is possibly delivered to scheming people or one is confronted at home with unsightly news, Li> more viciously: if means a defamation, Li> are bitten: Tiff because of money, - adjustments of a wrong friend, - means illness, - also: a quarrel stands private or professional in the house, - one has in a certain matter a bad conscience, Li> see a trusting and flattering one: one should be lured into a trap, Li> are barked: Incommodities by epilogue and defamation, Li> hear barking: sends a reminder to be watchful, quarrel with neighbours or defamation announce themselves, - also: can hurry ahead of joyless news, - most probably difficulties approach, Li> to howling ones hear: if is valid as a general warning before serious dangers, Li> to howling ones see: heavy illness, Li> lonesome yelp of a dog: can inform of the death or of the long separation of friends, Li> see going hunting: you will reach by diligence something, Li> going hunting dog: superficial, frivolous life setting with inclination to (above all sexual) adventures have, Li> on the hunt for bigger preys: one will concern everything with unusual thoroughness, Li> hounds on the hunt: point to the coming joys and changes to the good, Li> Dreaming a Mrs. von Jagdhunden, she will fall in love with a man under her state. If many hounds follow her, it will have numerous admirers, but hope in vain for the true love. fantastically (great fury): you will come to worries, Li> see romping: meant groundless fear of something, Li> growling and fighting dogs: indicate degradation by enemies, Li> see pull several with each other or biting: if family quarrel brings because of an inheritance, Li> zusammenhetzen: you will find out a heavy insult, Li> tack up: you will get enemies, Li> pick a quarrel: one wants to rob you, Li> lay to the chain: if a financial risk or other damages can announce by thoughtlessness, Li> kennel: one will come himself on the dog, Li> only travel and a dog follows one: one may count on loyal and devoted friends, Li> visit a dog exhibition: one may hope for all sorts of small pieces of luck, Li> dogs and cats see lie side by side apparently peacefully and then going off suddenly on each other: a fiasco approaches in dear problems and business matters - provided that you cannot separate the both, Li> a dog a cat kills : there wave successful-promissory shops and an unexpected piece of luck, Li> a queue killing: if is valid as a good omen, Li> dogs see swimming: one need to stretch only the hand to the luck, Li> puppies see: one will help innocently from the bad luck presecuted people and harvest for it gratitude, - the puppies are high-spirited: strong friendship gang and growing wealth, Li> pathetic puppies: there threaten losses, Li> foreign land are entered and by a bulldog are attacked: there is the danger that one crosses them laws of the country or own borders, - a friendly mastiff meets: in spite of incendiary criticism of the opponents a rise approaches, Li> this is Dreaming a woman of a mastiff, a sign that her lover is loyal. greyhounds: promise as a rule good, Li> one may hope Following a greyhound to a girl, for an absolutely unexpected inheritance. own a greyhound: it help a friend, although one had expected enemies. (ind).: you cannot complain about your friends, Li> pick a quarrel: you must take before thieves in eight, Li> hear barking: one wants to slander you, Li> rush: you will come to danger, Li> with him play: finally, your enemies will turn away from you, Li> see scuffling: pay attention to your family. (See also barking, domestic animal, animals, puppy)