Psychologically: If a dream of heavenly bodies acts, this means that the dreaming gets into contact with very subtle energy which surrounds him and has an effect on his life - also if to the dreaming this is not aware. The following interpretations of the most important heavenly bodies would be possible: Jupiter: Growth and expansion as well as freedom of limitations are associated with him. Mars: This planet refers to activity and war, but also to constructive energy. Mercury: This planet stands for communication, intuition and mental strength. moon: It shows the feelings of the dreaming and the connections with his mother. Neptune: He works with intuition, but also with inspiration. Pluto: He adjusts the unconscious and the transformation. Saturn: He owns restraining influence on the dreaming and governs the past. the sun: The sun symbolises this and the energy of the dreaming. Uranus: This planet steers sudden change. Spiritually: At the spiritual level wise heavenly body and particularly planet in the dream on it there that the dreaming can make use of this planet-aryan energy if he learns to handle with her. (See also planet)