Psychologically: Presumably because in many fairy tales the coronation coats are the emperor and kings 'occupied with ermine', the poor little animal has received only as a Fellieferant symbolic value: for imperious dignity, power and wealth. Popular: (arab).: attain dignity and wealth. (European ones).: see: Hopes will come true, - also: a letter receive from a high-ranking personality or otherwise with this are in the contact, - for the sick person slow recovery, carry: if brings luck and wealth, - also: stands for enthusiasm, a high character and prosperity, other see with it dressed: one gets to know well-to-do and educated people, a lover his treasure sees in an ermine, this is an omen for loyalty, - the ermine is dirty, this means the opposite. (ind).: carry: the luck will not leave you, you must be only openly to your parents.