Psychologically: Hostel indicates the need for rest and security, often the longing for a good, loyal interpersonal respect. The house, while we feel as strangers, but many meet with whom we can talk, circumscribes a psychic loneliness which we should remove by bigger open-mindedness. If we are alone in the hostel, a visit is recommended at the doctor, because possibly a physical damage is caused psychically. If one leaves the hostel, a separation and isolation probably approaches. Popular: (arab).: see or in it call in: indicates at toils and a miserable life way, find: your anxious way soon is to an end. (European ones).: find: if brings rest and satisfaction, see: Improvement of existing relations, call in in it: you will go on an adventurous trip, in one be: if the meeting with a loyal friend tells in, see a desolate one: one will be left by friends and remain lonesome, youth hostel warden or youth hostel wardens be: one stands in good call. (ind).: see: you will become impoverished by your own destiny. (See also inn,