Association: - well protected opinions and settings. Questions: - Which thoughts or opinions are to be changed I ready? Psychologically: In days of yore the helmet was an attribute of the warrior or the hero. But also even today it is as a motorbike helmet or construction worker's helmet a symbol of the male. If the dreaming himself carries the helmet, it is a symbol of the protection and the preservation. One wants to protect his head, - should take together all his mind and act when more the danger exists to make a little bit wrong. If one has folded down the visor of the helmet, can also be from a thing the speech which one wants to concern in a blind rage. If the helmet is carried in the dream of another person, this same meaning can have like a mask. The dream figure protects itself by the helmet from the looks of the others. Spiritually: At this level the helmet in the dream means the protection by spiritual. Popular: (arab).: see or find: you will find a mighty Gönner, carry: you will have great success in the love. (European ones).: stands for menacing poverty and losses which can be turned away, nevertheless, by clever action, - also: pleasant visit, - avoids extravagances, - also: One will get in difficulties with a business partner. If one has protected himself before juridically well, the thing will well go out for. (See also care, head, mask)