medicine wheel: Key words: Executive, - power, - maturity, - service, - human-loving, - selfloving, - the west. Description: The headman is one of the additional symbols if the medicine wheel is used as a stone or maps set, - it is in the western quarter of the medicine wheel, - which represents maturity, executive, apprenticeship and healing. The headman one fancies generally as a male figure, although leadership qualities are inherent in the male one as well as the female part of your personality. General meaning: Service, - executive, - power hunger, - incredibly, - maturity. Association: Leader of a group, - or the first, - the big boss. Transcendent meaning: He can be the chairperson of your internal dream advice, - gift of the executive. Psychologically: Too many Winnetou's films seen? If exotic family headmen appear in the dream, one longs for more naturalness, for the 'power of the nature' and feels 'civilization-injured'. (See also Indian)