Popular: (arab).: see clipped, or have: Degradation will be given you, worry: Disgrace and grief, own the bald: Mockery and travesty will hurt you and annoy, see without hair: No success to see. To caretakers. Patience. bare: you will be humiliated, cover: Honour and wealth, wash: you become free of worries, success approaches, beat off: you defeat your enemies, - luck, see the beaten: the death of a friend will sadden you. (European ones).: see: warns us about Zwistigkeiten and sacrileges, a head without body reminds us to endure, in the fight of the life. (ind).: have the big: you will have to suffer big fear, see washing: your work and servitude finds praise, bald: watch out for silly pranks, see beating off: Well-being and contented life (contrast dream), with nice hair: you are loved, clipped: Misfortune and deception. (See also bald head, hair, head,' body')