Association: - well protected or old-fashioned views. Questions: - Where is my view limited? Psychologically: After the traditional interpretation girls dream of it if they marry - 'under the bonnet come' want. However, the national costume bonnet as a privilege of a married woman has lost in our time certainly her symbolic meaning. Rather it is - how many other headgears also - a symbol for security or affiliation to a certain group. Popular: (arab).: see or carry: indicates with a single female being at quick marriage, with a single man on damage by female contact or influence, lift: you make a nice acquaintance, touch down: Engagement and wedding, sew: Child blessing comes to the house, wash: you are in love unhappily, iron: you expect a love affair, hold in the hand: somebody waits with love for you, put aside: Misfortune! You lose a dear friend. (European ones).: indicates young people a quick engagement or wedding, to older people a quiet contented existence, - also: Signs for clap and defamation before which they should take as a woman particularly in eight, a man of one woman observes how she binds her bonnet, unexpected luck approaches, - his friends are reliable and loyal, A young woman probably undertakes nice, guileless flirtations if her bonnet is new in the dream and has all colours except black. A black bonnet warns about wrong friends of the other gender. (ind).: wear: you will become a mother, decrease: desperate love, wash: Luck and satisfaction in the family life, make: you will soon marry. (See also care, cap)