Psychologically: Deep-psychologically the dream of nuts can refer to a problem hardly to be solved with valuable core. Popular: (arab).: see: do not get involved in disputes with neighbours, house-owner or businessmen, - also: do not trust your house people, pick: small income, themselves which see cracking: one will come only after big strains to the success, eat: hard work with small success. (European ones).: announces that one can reach only with vigorous wills, success and pleasure, - also: domestic peace, harmony and professional success if one does not get involved in set-tos, open: if success brings after laborious work, eat: one will lose teeth, - also: with satisfaction and many good friends go through the life. (ind).: see: pay attention to your teeth, pick: small everyday worries stop, look: you will get with neighbours in quarrel, eat: you will lose teeth.