Association: - Dependence, - facetiousness. Question: - Which part by me wants to be supplied? Psychologically: The rodent who can store in his pouches up to 50 grammes of grain is also in the dream interpretation a symbol for hamsters and gluttony. The comical little animal is valid as a symbol for nervous and excessively thorough putting on of stocks of all kind. Who dreams of the hamster, likes no surprises, forges long-term plans for the future and is tormented not seldom by existential fear - he / she has banked (and a little bit compulsive) security need. One says us that one should not overdo it in the awake life. Hamster can also point out as stinginess to a materialist basic position, they exaggerated after possession strives and other needs about that neglected. However, maybe is also expressed in it that one only takes in a feeling respect always, but gives to the other not enough. The animal sometimes also promises a secure material existence which should not be endangered by waste in the dream. Popular: (arab).: see: you will lose stingy and your friends, see collecting food: one worries to himself about the age, - (3, 41) are attacked by one: watch out for people addicted to quarrel, see in the cage: one will soon live in prosperity. (European ones).: you will come to prosperity, - also: The thrift is exaggerated. One could have more fun if one also allowed himself once a little bit. (ind).: you handles with wrong people and do not know it. (See also stinginess)