Association: - lure into the trap, - catch. Question: - What would like I to catch? Psychologically: If a dream of a hook acts, this means that the dreaming is able to draw good as well as bad things. In dreams of children a chopping can refer to the power which a parent or an authority's person about them has. This symbolism can continue till the adult's age and then symbolise the dependence on another person. Spiritually: At the spiritual level the hook is to be got in the dream a warning, not as a function of religious religious images and methods. Popular: (arab).: give up your hopes, the obstacles are big, hang up a little bit on it: Patience and wait now is the best. (European ones).: see: one will have to enter joyless obligations, - also: Care is announced. One concludes no cash transactions in the next time, they could have bad effects. hold in the hand: shortly one will get a present handed to which one will attach to big value.