In general: A jigsaw puzzle exists of many individual parts which must be joined to prove an entire picture. Does your jigsaw puzzle in the dream lack a part or is it entire? They have concluded a thing successfully, with a lot of trouble. Was the trouble appreciated properly? Maybe the jigsaw puzzle dream should also warn against being too impatient. Psychologically: To dream of a jigsaw puzzle, the reflexion required, can mean that one approaches the awake problems a little bit too arrogantly or too intellectually and should grant the emotions a bigger elbowroom. If one stands, e.g., in a difficult personal respect, is 'putting and rationally talk' only one side, and the displacement of the passion which brought to one in the dilemma, quite an other. Popular: (European ones).: A friendship threatens to break up, if one his rancour in himself hineinfri├čt instead of speaking of it.