Psychologically: Archetypal sign, on Goethe's fist 'This was of the poodle a core' refers, - translates: All learning uses nothing if one does not penetrate to the core of the things and often the devil is in detail. Poodle can also embody a dependable friendship. Popular: (arab).: see: it is necessary and advisable to appropriate even more knowledge and experiences if one wants to bring it to success and respect in the life, own: loyal and devoted friends will stand to you aside, are bitten by one: one is imprudent in the concept and rash to act. (European ones).: see one: one will gather with a learnt person and have interesting and advantageous traffic with him, own: one deals with learnt things which introduce nothing, are bitten by one: one is just about to act very unthinkingly or even stupidly. (ind).: see: you can count on your friend.