In general: Prophet (prophecy) can sometimes appear together with a foreboding which really comes true. However, often he also indicates that one feels and misunderstood, or fears and feeling of inferiority bring to the prelight. Psychologically: One imaginary answer and enlightenment. Spiritually: Organ, megaphone and interpreter of divine revelation. Popular: (arab).: If you believe in a thing, it also succeeds. (European ones).: means that one will be stimulated to actions which give pleasure and are successful, be: one will be misjudged, see one: if the exposure of a secret tells in, or one will get to know what one would like to know with pleasure, - the announcement of the prophet is to be followed exactly because the result mostly lies in this direction! (ind).: prophets, apostles, teachers or martyrs mean the same like the angels, only the dream exit is less weighty because a sinful or bad person easily does not attain a face from angels, however, everybody has looked already prophets, apostles or teachers. If somebody in the dream our man and God Jesus Christ looks and recognises that it is really Christ, he will gain the welfare of his soul, earthly wealth and an immense victory. he preserves Speaking he also with man, all words, which he of him heard, without every doubt in his heart. Also it is late who looks such a face! seen of Christ in an unknown house and he himself goes in there without leaving again it, he knows that he soon die, but will be saved, - also his heirs will attain dignity and offices and wealth in fullness. Looking somebody an apostle or patriarch and he means, he sees Christ, the dream will come true for him in the same manner, only in far more modest measure. Dreaming one, he would be appointed by choice on the chair of the patriarch, he will become an ecclesiastical head of his people. If he feels to the Presbyter elective, he will high rise, enjoy big respect and receive authority about the emperor's subject, - also he will practice justice, - has become to a deacon, he will come to lower honour according to the rank order of deacon and Presbyter. A woman will separate after this dream with insult and disgrace from her man. reads out somebody from a book of the apostles, teachers or prophet to the people, he will become a servant of mighty men and win the love all, or he will travel as an imperial emissary, practice right and justice and find recognition. Having of the emperors this dream, he will be loved by his people and be a fair judge to him. Being the book from which one reads the Gospel, he will attain a high office and authority because he exercised a prerogative in the dream, the layman is not entitled. (See also apostle, Christ, teacher) Prophecy In general: If it dreams the future predict, belong to the most disconcerting, but also the most interesting ones. For many of such dreams there is an explanation, however, single ones turn out as an appropriate prediction. The tradition of the clairvoyants who used dreams for prophecies reaches at least up to the Babylonians (in 1700 B.C.) back. Prophetic dreams interpreted them in such a way: If a priest dreamt of a temple collapse and broke out afterwards a fateful war, one thought next time if a priest dreamt of the collapse of a temple that his dream predicts a war. Though this was no very scientific method, however, it was kept pace centuries. Also the Christianity saw in the dreams an aid which God used to show the future to his selected people (the Bible reports about prophetic dreams). Of the holy Augustinus stated that his mother has 'seen' his conversion in a dream, namely nine years before she took place. Till the 16th century bishops led careful recordings about her dreams, and in similar manner prophets forecast all sorts of events - from the rearrival of Christ up to the end of the world. Although there are recently proofs of the fact that some dreams come to reveal future actions or events, there is for most of it a reasonable explanation. In the dream like in the awake life we try to fancy beforehand what will happen subsequently of certain actions or circumstances. If you dream, e.g., that a certain person has an accident at a crossroad rich in traffic, you have presumably felt (consciously or unconsciously) that this person runs the risk to have an accident at exactly this place. The best example of this phenomenon is that from all four corners of the earth is reported, dreams would have predicted the murder Kennedies. At that time in some cases the dreamers had written down even these dreams, so that no doubt about her genuineness exists. Still it must be reminded of the fact that Kennedy counted to the worldwide best known men, and that presidents can be hardly protected against murder attempts. Only in the USA dream more than 255 million people per night up to 10 spot what proves only there per night more than 2,5 milliard dreams. In view of this statistics, worldwide projected, it would be strange if not a few people had dreamt of the murder Kennedies. Moreover, there is no reliable dream report, the death kind, scene, murder time or the names of the murderer would have specified. It seems that Jung's view applies after which dreams 'are prophetic just as little like an illness or weather forecast. It concerns only a Vorauskombinierung of the likelyhood which can also meet if necessary, however, the real behaviour of the things, but must meet not necessarily and agree in all details'. Some dreams are nevertheless to be looked as really precognitive phenomena, and almost to every dream researcher those have found accomodation. If you this aspect interests, you yourselves have precognitive dreams or would like to deal with this subject seriously, it is important to keep a detailed dream diary. If you have a dream which seems to announce an event of great importance (for example, an earthquake), you should write a written dream report with all details, this of witnesses allow to sign and then send him in a sealed envelope to a respectable institution, e.g., to your bank, with the instruction to provide the envelope with arrival with a postal receipt stamp. Often experienced disasters are in the dream an occasion for concern. If somebody dreams, e.g., of an airplane misfortune or gets in the dream of an astrologer, hand reader or Map-casually such announced, he maybe gives to himself troubles if the next day he must fly. Most people fly only seldom, hence, they are sometimes nervous before and get easily such nightmares. It came to Aberfan, a village with coal mining in Wales, to a landslide with which a slag waste dump buried the schoolhouse under itself, - besides, 128 children and 38 adults died. There was a row of reports that dreams would have predicted this misfortune, and Dr. J. C. Baker examined some of it. A dream about which was already reported before the misfortune described children to come out the tried, of a space, and 'the hundreds of people which gathered. Their mines were fright-distorted. Some cried, others kept handkerchiefs before the face'. Other dreamers described 'loud children who were buried under a coal avalanche', as well as 'a school, loud children and a black, viscous mass, about them of hinwegkroch'. These dream reports contained two notable tips to Aberfan. Psychologically: The announcement of the prophet, the prophecy, is very important, because she mediates for a mostly valuable examination into the future life coping. Negative exposures of a prophet could indicate fears and feeling of inferiority. If such a dream appears as repeated, one should catch up psychotherapeutic advice. Positive prophecies can really come true. Unclearly remains here always whether it concerns clairvoyant's broad qualities or whether to concealed expectations the dream behaviour program from that point of view. As well as to him is, one should coach the positive prophecy also in the awake state by 'positive thinking' further, so that the fulfilment soon comes! Popular: (arab).: hear: you will find out strange things. (European ones).: you will get to hear something which might give no big pleasure to you, - one receives an important tip for the next time. (ind).: hear: a wish will be fulfilled to you, make: watch out to promise too much. (See also forecast)