Association: - News, - guidance. Question: - What want I to hear or get to know? In general: Post can indicate important news which one must follow. The package of the post promises a present, the monetary mailman against it a financial loss. The symbol can sometimes also appear if one urgently expects a letter. Psychologically: Symbol for the transmission of important information (from the unconscious) - something for the dreaming essentials becomes Deliberate-made by communication (in the dream). Popular: (arab).: enter: you are loaded to an authority, (European ones).: one should check his reading and they try to improve, - you will come to regular relations, meet a postman: tells important news in, postal office: stands in general for disagreeable changes and bad luck, - also: Change of the place of residence and he companions, see a post-office building or visit: with the next family table or coffee klatsch one will find out all kinds of new, meet a monetary mailman: one will have a bad or pointless issue them no use brings, see a stagecoach with mail coach driver: one will undertake a honeymoon or such, parcel post meet: if a present promises. (See also letter)