In general: Place warns urgently against closing the eyes furthermore before problems, - besides, it also depends on what happens on the place. Psychologically: The place in the dream events has an important meaning, many streets mostly run up to him, - it is a central point, above all if he is round or square, it is a symbol for the centre of the psyche. With such a dream the need should be expressed that the dreaming to himself calls up to now unaware problems in the consciousness. Popular: (arab).: more just, more freely and big: View of a hopeless future, stand on one: You have arrived on a point of the insecurity. However, it is necessary to make a decision. go about that: laborious work without success have to do, make: in quarrel things compliance is from the advantage when one has not grown his opponent, claustrophobia: You have yourself in an idea trickled away and do not find out any more. Consult with a good friend. (European ones).: denial of obstacles, see a big one: in his enterprises one will be promoted. (See also