Association: - cosmic harmony and cosmic influence, - heavenly order. Question: - Am I in harmony or disharmony with the heavenly powers? In general: If they cannot be expelled to far back in the space. Psychologically: One expects and hopes for the help of the sky coming. It is the internal look upwards and, moreover, stands for devoutness. Popular: (arab).: longing for love and friendship. (European ones).: visit another: one will gain thrilling experience, the sun: if will, male energy, stands for self-confidence, life aims, moon: Feeling world, sensitivity, contact attempt, female energy, Mercury: Reason, mind, communication, learning, information, negotiations, trips, sales, purchase, Venus: Aesthetics, harmony, art, assimilation, - love, sensuousness, pleasures, female libido, Mars: Capacity, courage, will, penetration, determination, male libido, Jupiter: Value consciousness, judgment property, goodness, tolerance, wisdom, religious anchorage, Saturn: Körperlichkeit, order, demarcation, security, rest, concentration, duties, Uranus: Intuition, creative intelligence, new, changes, intellectual curiosity and inventiveness, reforms, Neptune: universal charity, idealism, assistant's will, social engagement, Pluto: Die and Becoming, Mass, Metamorphosis, Transformation, collective Energy, Destruction, (Ohn-) power.