Association: - Help, - relief, - drug. Question: - What do I need to feel better? Psychologically: The pill can be interpreted like medicament. The bitter pill which one himself swallows stands for painful experiences from which one will derive, however, often, nevertheless, a benefit. Popular: (arab).: take: do not endanger your health, - also: you must hear disagreeable, - also: The incommodities in the next time which one finishes, however, turn: if nothing acts what is not your job, - also: you want to damage somebody. (European ones).: see: one has made a mistake which one should correct, take: announced a light indisposition, a cold, - also: one has to take over obligations, however, it brings to little comfort and joy, - one will have to draw the conclusions from a mistake, give to others: one is criticised because of his unfriendliness by others. (ind).: take: Widerwärtigkeiten, - you will experience disagreeable, turn: do other no harm. (See also medicament, medicine)