Association: - Ugliness, - small outbursts of rage. Question: - To what extent am I ready to be less sensitive? In general: If a pimple particularly strikes the dreaming in his dream in his face, this shows that he worries to himself as he 'comes' with other people. A pimple can also stand for a flaw in the character with which the dreaming must argue in close future. Psychologically: Because a pimple symbolises that the body cannot eliminate poison materials, he refers to the inability of the dreaming to eliminate a foreign body or negative. This fact has come to the dreaming up to now only partly to consciousness. Spiritually: At the spiritual level a pimple in the dream symbolises the impulse to an important developing step. Popular: (European ones).: One is freakish and feels dissatisfied. One gets enough change, then will give the life also more pleasure.