In general: Pfändung warns about losses which one often has to ascribe to own rashness, - this can also refer to the separation of a person. Psychologically: The application of the unconscious whom we should redeem in the awake life and we must pay attention to what is taken in the security. Who gives a security, is sure to a friendship not too. Games of forfeits point, by the way, to the wish to get closer to each other in quite a certain intention. A Pfändung points to the separation of an old habit. Popular: (arab).: take: his advantage know how to calculate, - also: you mistrust your friends, this brings annoyance, give: with the people wake trust, - also: your love does not last long, impound: Grief and need do not go out. (European ones).: one does not know how to help itself in his big worry and must try to save what is to be saved, - warns about waste and advises the thrift in house and court, give away one: Warning before a rash and disadvantageous connection or obligation, accept: one can count on a friendship or acquaintance, Pfändung suffer: meant a separation or a menacing loss, order with a debtor: for a carelessness or too big good nature one will be punished. (ind).: give: you cannot hold your word, receive: is not stonyhearted. (See also seizures, pawnshop)