In general: Posts in the ground indicates to put that the dreaming marks his sovereign territory. Post also symbolises mostly that one has built up an enterprise on a sure base and will be successful, therefore. Psychologically: The post in the dream can mark the centre of a thing and draw the attention of the dreaming to what is important. Spiritually: At the spiritual level the post in the dream is a symbol for torture or death by fire for a spiritual ideal. Popular: (arab).: see: revolting things experience, - one plans bad person with you, is on the alert, - also: He tells the fulfilment of a long-preserved wish in. However, before it is necessary to adapt itself more in a certain matter. hit in the earth: your perseverance and perseverance overcomes every difficulty, see on it a person impaled: Be a witness of an awful misfortune. (European ones).: see one: one will find with an enterprise support, - also: if one adapts himself in a certain thing more, a long-preserved wish will come soon true, or posts ram: if promises a successful business, - one will lay the foundation-stone to a secure luck, have an eye: Preparations for a useful business. (ind).: see: you will get in need, in the earth: Failure have, float in the earth: you work successfully.