Association: - the direction of the life. Question: - What do I feel above the way which I have chosen? In general: Path shows (Away) the direction of the life which is determined, among the rest, by plans, hopes and values, - the exact meaning arises from the living conditions. In general a wide, comfortable path for luck and light success, stands narrow for unwieldy progress. If one strays from the path, warns about wrong, maybe unfair intentions. Psychologically: The way through impassable area sends a reminder to the care, - he suddenly loses himself, we possibly have to count on a hard stroke of fate, he flows in a usual way or in a street, we maybe find out in the awake life of a dilemma. The path in the mountains which leads upwards circumscribes the difficulties on the life. Popular: (arab).: have before himself: your matters will stretch in the length, look: vain struggle after an aim, broader: a life without obstacles, - also: one is prepared for your arrival, narrow: you will suffer challenges, - minds that you do not leave your preput way, - also: you are expected secretly, more sinuous: you should still wait with your concern. (European ones).: see one before himself: if a secret or before other kept secret luck, promises commit: one goes without attention of views and protests more different his own way, go along a wide one: a long however easy way in the next time before himself have, broader: if means luck, - one goes with pleasure for all difficulties from the way and makes to himself a comfortable life, on a path go by flower meadows: cannot be restricted by a love relationship, narrower: the luck is only a half, - the care which one does not leave his planned life, go along a narrow and difficult one and over stones trip: one will master a difficult situation and must stand the highest stress, with road obstacles, how fences: difficulties will appear on the life, lose: one will get in an embarrassment, - one is on the wrong life path, get lost, on this occasion: big embarrassment, penal mandate or an other Schererei, try to find one: one will not be able to master a work which one would have brought with pleasure successfully to an end, stand at crossroads: now one should absolutely decide on the right way. (ind).: go along: you will get a well-earned punishment. (See also mountains,' street ',' way')