In general: Park registers that one must recover and be relaxing to find again internal rest and balance, - nervous weakness often stands behind it, for example, by chronic excessive demand. Psychologically: While the garden (see there) shows our inside whom we would like to protect, the park points to our appearance. Who goes for a walk in the park, would like to appear in such a way as he longs to be seen by others. Popular: (arab).: see or in it go for a walk: a rather pleasant life approaches you, - you will enjoy an unconcerned age, go in a neglected one: one must count on financial additional burdens. (European ones).: a dream and one longs for rest and Ausspannung - also nervous Ɯberreizung, - a pleasant, happy life approaches you, with many people see: one must count on many difficulties, in one with many people be: one will have many friends, see a cultivated one: promises well-to-do friends and points to enjoyable spare time, neglected parks without green areas and foliage see: if unexpected setbacks tell in, go for a walk in one: one will find sociable traffic or take part in a nice party, go for a walk in one and by a person of other gender are accompanied: Luck in the love, with the lover go for a walk in one: one will lead a harmonious and happy marriage. (ind).: see themselves in it: a cheerful and carefree existence, go for a walk in it: peaceful luck.