Association: - handicapped, - Eingeschränktheit. Question: - What may become healthy in me? Psychologically: In this dream it is about mental or spiritual 'impediment' - in any case, around diminished mobility. One dreams of Verkrüppelungen if one is ashamed for a weakness - or if one flees with pleasure in (played) Hilflosigkeiten, so that one gets more allowance. Vice versa it can also be that one is reminded by the vision of a crippled body at the fact that intactness and vitality is no self-evident fact - an appeal to the dreaming, to be less haughty and ' without compassion '. Which personal topic should become here a deliberate-made, arises from the more exact dream action. Popular: (arab).: see: unexpected help, - also: you must expect inhibitions, one meet: Incommodities must suffer, one be: a lot of misfortune and difficulties have, help one: Luck and success appear. (European ones).: see: if consolation and help sends a reminder to perform, as long as one thereby does not damage himself, - it will be helped to one, - also: To be friendly warning, to the people in the surroundings, - a temporary commercial stagnation, also prophesies even one be: unexpected help and success, - one will become depending on others, maintain: one will have pity on an unhappy person. (ind).: see: a bad premeaning. (See also Disabled of)