Association: - Work on the harmony, - cooperation. Question: - In which manner would like I to get together with others? Psychologically: A soloist's concert could lead on the fact that one is put in any regard to himself alone or that one counts maybe only on one or two other people - depending on whether one was accompanied by a pianist, a small group of musicians or by a big orchestra. With latter: Many instruments prove a 'unison', join to a harmonious whole. This dream symbol allows to be reminiscent that one longs for harmony and for a more intensive life happier of sense which one does not feel as 'Solo'. A typical single dream if the frustration level recorder stands quite high and if one liked to live not only with himself '' in the harmony - but after the motto: 'Violin searches contrabass for the purpose of common melodious sound.' Who hears music in a big circle, would like to live in harmonious environment, so to speak, in good society. Also: A nice time with new experiences approaches. Popular: (arab).: hear: your worries withdraw and the luck comes, are present at one: one will soon have the possibility to prove his intellectual abilities, are in the ensemble: the interference in foreign matters will be connected with a lot of annoyance. (European ones).: receive an invitation for it: one will be received in a society with special honour and warmth, visit: Signs of unexpected news, are present: Joy, Gönnerschaft, pleasant surprise, hear in the concert hall: one will make the acquaintance of a famous artist, experience a virtuoso concert: delightful pleasure, - author (in) is kissed by the muse, for businessmen: if success in commercial relations, young people forecasts pure luck and loyal love, mixed concerts with ballet and singers: point to missing correspondence with companions and to thankless friends, - a setback, meets the shops see a concert hall: good omen for the later life, - the living conditions will improve. (ind).: you will experience a lot of joy. (See also conductor, orchestra)