Psychologically: Who must do heavy work as a farm-hand in the dream, man, a model is maybe in the deliberate life for the others which are not so operational. Only here and there the farm-hand translates the obsequiousness, the tractable. One understands farm-hand also as a symbol of the cunning and infidelity. Popular: (arab).: see one or speak: it with a spiteful and bitter person get to do, even one be: are subjected to heavy tortures, perform farm-hand's work: you do low work. (European ones).: see, with negative feeling: points to deception, see with positive feeling: Luck in financial things approaches, several farm-hands at the work see: announces unexpected visits of friends or relatives, see working: if brings pleasant position, see quarrelling: if brings annoyance, be: one will become dependent on heartless people, is and heavy work do: meant the coming success in the occupation and in business things, with one argue: one should come by a cunning to damage, many farm-hands have: one has disloyal people in his surroundings. (ind).: see working: you will get a high visit, see quarrelling: Annoyance in your property.