Psychologically: Cat is often interpreted as a little reined sexual passion for which one longs which one also, however, fears. Then more self-control is often necessary. In dreams of neurotic women the vision of the cat stands for a much too strong father's connection. Artemidoros: The cat means an adulterer, - then he always follows the birds, - however, the birds resemble the women. Popular: (arab).: see general: one underestimates you and your love, own: a dangerous enemy is close to you, black: informal discussions threaten because of adultery, - also: you will suffer by friends damage, knows: Why you are distrustful, the luck waits for you, feed: you acquire a good friend whom you have misjudged up to now, with a caught mouse: one is surrounded by swindlers from whom more substantially financial damage can originate, - also: one brings you a present which gives, however, no pleasure to you. hissing: you win over your opponents and succeed, miaowing: Longing for love and friendship, kill: you sit down in big wrong and have damage, with him play: understand your friends, they are loyal difficultly, however. (European ones).: glowing love, black: Jealousy. (ind).: see: one will will try to damage you. (See also cats)