Psychologically: The superficial symbol for the fertility of the autumn has a double ground: One should get to somebody 'the chestnuts from the fire' - do something disagreeable for others - or undertake a risk in the interest more different. Popular: (arab).: with the green and stachligen bowl: you must gain of all and pains with effort, - (real chestnuts are an old dear medium) lift: one will find means to make himself indispensable of the lovers, without stachlige bowl: mostly announce luck in the love, peeled ones: others will provide for you, eat: one needs himself around his future not to worries. (European ones).: are valid as a passing grief which changes, however, soon into luck and joy, - symbol to make itself to the lover indispensable - pure sexual longing dream, see: meant profit or a good business, - also: one puts a business in the sand, however, may hope for a lifelong loyal companion, wild ones see: one exerts himself for a useless thing, lift: one is imaginative enough to make himself to him or the lovers indispensable, roasted ones shop or sell: if brings luck, eat: Luck, - one will have opportunity to a great success, the young women who eat chestnuts or carry them as a talisman with themselves a nice lover and relative prosperity stand in the house.