Association: - informally, - liberal opinions. Question: - Where in my life I would like to be more tolerant? Psychologically: Do you have 'verkappte views'? Then a few much too fixed ideas stick in your head and prevent that you 'think more freely' can and operate more adaptably. The magic hood much-cited in the fairy tales (a magic headgear which makes the bearer invisible) is often a symbol for penetrating of people in areas which remain usually inaccessible to you. People with verkappten ideas act often also - they also are involved completely with pleasure where they have lost, actually, nothing. In the traditional interpretation the cap was a lovesickness symbol - for obvious reason: The disloyal has taken 'care' - and away he was. Popular: (arab).: see or carry: omit from all follies, - dangers in the traffic, touch down: you will undertake a small trip, decrease: you leave to another the precedence, hold in the hand: you must wait, until one calls you, lose: during the next days experience annoyance and frustration. (European ones).: see or wear: one will find good protection, - also: Difficulties in dear problems, see a prisoner's cap: the courage will leave to one in danger situations, a miner's cap: one inherits an important ability, get handed: one will enter a happy marriage, Seeing a woman a cap, some invitations for parties will soon flutter to her in the house. of A young woman whose treasure carries a cap is predicted that she is shy in his present. (ind).: on the head: it is enough of the stupidities which you have already committed. (See also care)