Psychologically: Chapel stands for religiousness, more in general for the retreat in itself, - maybe this contains the request to go out more from itself to break through the isolation. Moreover, she can send a reminder to the contemplative stop, - we should think over our action and check whether we have also made everything right. Popular: (arab).: see or enter: bend towards the devoutness and stop in itself, - find out support by loyal friends, - also: you will have a secret wedding, are in it: one will soon make a discovery which disadvantageously affects the future. (European ones).: satisfaction, - sign for internal stop and divine guidance, - also: Differences of opinion in the social sphere and disconcerting shops, are in one: Signs of internal peace and stop, to dreams young people, them enter a chapel, this wrong affection and enemies symbolises. They could be involved in misfortune-blest connections. (ind).: pray in it: you will find in your grief a comforter, you will find loyal friends. (See also church. About the band see 'orchestra')