Psychologically: Traditionally: Vanity. In the psychological interpretation the comb is a symbol for a process one more exactly should observe and judge not rash - just: 'Do not worry everything about a comb.' However, the dreaming can be also asked to work on his self-image. With the comb the hair is fixed, - is transferred: One creates order in his instinctual life and thereby wins the heart of the partner. Who brings his hair even more in mess by combing, a so-called sloppy relation maintains either in the awake life or has in the dear complexes which he wants to veil by especially brisk appearance. In the dream of a man a comb can symbolise temptation and sensuousness. A comb is also a device with many teeth which of the care serves. If he appears in the dream of a person, he stresses the need to maintain something in the life and to be of use. This is a tip to the fact that the dreaming should order his thoughts. If one buys a comb, this admonishes to fix his life. Old-Indian dream books interpret the comb also as a warning of quarrel with the brothers and sisters. Spiritually: At the spiritual level the comb stands in the dream for fertility, the rays of the sun, Verwobenheit and music. Artemidoros: To comb man and woman is of use, - then the comb is synonymous with the curative time overcoming all Widerwärtigkeiten. Popular: (arab).: see or own: with his house people get in quarrel, in the hand: Disputes have, more broken: the differences with his friends will still intensify, comb with it: one will strongly have to force himself if one wants to fix his things and liked to escape from his mistakes, - one should recognise that one must always assert himself in the life and react, hence, accordingly, comb long and extensively: at last the problems will be overcome, comb long hair: long waiting for the fiancée, comb short hair: quick dear joy, comb unkempt hair: disagreeable obstacles prevent him to come, comb in the hair are have: a wedding or engagement, comb an animal: good friendship hold. (European ones).: means: your work will be difficult and useless, particularly if it causes difficulties to you to comb your hair, - the combing goes easily and the hair is long and nice: Profit, a new friendship, comb the hair in general: a request to keep more order with itself see one: in the family there are differences of opinion and discussions, see a squalid one: points to useless efforts, shop: one will fix his matters, lose: meant quarrel in the circle of friends, use: tells a struggle of existence in, more broken: violent set-tos live in the nerves, to a child the hair would come: one takes pleasure of a good judgment with other people, long hair combs: if a new friendship tells in, even the hair combs: Signs for losses by a person whom one trusted. (ind).: see: Quarrel and incommodities with the brothers and sisters, combing, smooth hair: Advantages, loyal friends, muddled hair: bad news, comb: now you see that you had mistake. (See also hair)