In general: If the dreaming hears the sound of a gong in his dream, this is called that he must make the fact deliberate to himself to have received a border achievedly or vice versa the permission for continuing. To hit the gong, can show the wish for severity and structure or underline, however, the aim to reach a certain sound quality or quality of information in the awake state. Psychologically: In many religions the gong is hit to draw the attention of the believers to important contents. This is also the priority function of the gong in the dream. Spiritually: The gong in the dream 'wakes up' the dreaming at a spiritual level. He be symbolised consciousness for spirituality. Popular: (European ones).: points to a wrong alarm in punkto illness or loss, - which disturbs, nevertheless, hard, - also: a thrilling event in the family, - one should avoid careless contact in important matters.