Association: - Easy-care, - transitoriness. Question: - Which small things give pleasure to me? Psychologically: A luck symbol - and also tip to a rich, inexhaustible feeling world (sensory ability) of the dreaming. Popular: (arab).: see outside: with certain care one will soon make good deals and succeed, catch: one may trust in the life in his destiny, he escapes again: one has not used his chances and cannot hold on his luck, see in the glass: no pleasing views have. (European ones).: indicates annoyance in the business and advises the frugality, - also: many successful adventures, see: tells a rich bridegroom or a rich bride in, - also: Warning of narrow-mindedness and contact with petty, purblind people. catch: one will have a lot of luck, one see escaping: one will miss a big luck, suffers: bad disappointments thwart to one the plans. (ind).: if you wisely act, you will make your luck.