In general: Luck have in the dream it is understood as negative, - one must count in a love relationship, business or financial matters on problems, difficulties and disadvantages. Psychologically: Everybody wishes luck, and thus luck states seem of course not seldom in the dream. They show us of which luck we are able - if we only admit it. Popular: (arab).: have in any thing and are glad about it: big disappointments get to know, have in the love: you have longing for a person, have in the play: you will lose money and have damage, be happy: your wish comes true, wish luck: one does not mean it honestly with you. (European ones).: have: will bring disappointments, - means pursuit, - the greater the feeling of happiness, the greater the difficulties, have in the love: the darling or the darling (she) is disloyal, see a happy pair: one will feel unhappy himself. (ind).: have: one will pursue you because of any thing.