medicine wheel: Key words: Translucently, - paper-thinly, - higher empires, - window, - crystalline, - extrasensory abilities, - clarity, - eastern soul path. Description: Gleam is associated in the medicine wheel with clarity and the external position of the eastern soul path. Gleam is a translucent silikatisches mineral in such a leafy structure that it can be separated in paper-thin layers. There is gleam everywhere in the world. People close to the earth saw him as a window to higher worlds, and they used gleam like a crystal ball for the look in the future. General meaning: Clear knowledge, - intellectual confidence, - absence of intuition. Association: Glamor, glittering light. Transcendent meaning: A warning that spiritual clarity shows equally borders and can be a gift. Globe (school globe) In general: Like the ball the globe is a symbol for entirety and unity, only that it refers here rather to the whole world with which the dreaming is at the moment in the harmony. Psychologically: A 'round thing' - or one looks for the 'smooth' or 'comprehensive' (global) solution - and she is also possible. Popular: (European ones).: look: if quick wedding registers, - good friends as well as Gönner, announce search something on him and do not find: one will receive an anonymous letter, on him study: one will get to know a big scholar, see: extensive planning, - also: The friends who are scattered all over the world.