In general: If a dream of it Trading that the dreaming maintains his balance or is held in a difficult position in the balance shows then this that he is in search of a balance of body, mind and soul. Psychologically: Balance is a state which all people search. But if all components of a person are compensated qualitatively and quantitatively, she is also less alive and is less interesting with it. Spiritually: At the spiritual level the balance deals in the dream a lot with justice. Popular: (arab).: take care to hold it: one has to protect himself against pushes from the outside, perform balance act: Revelation of mental daring and carelessness, also ├╝berstarkes assurance. (European ones).: suffer from it: somebody wants to move to one a push which brings to one from the rest or obstructs the way, accomplish acrobatic balance act: Warning before mental daring and too much carelessness, - strong assurance. (See also justice)