In general: Grid often shows a hardly surmountable obstacle on the other life. Sometimes it also announces the separation of a being close person from which one will suffer very much. Psychologically: The classical 'prison symbol' means in the dream very often a forthcoming separation situation, the end of a respect, the unattainableness of a beloved person. It can be caused by a move, but also point to a trip with which to us the return is obstructed. Therefore, one follows other symbols. Sometimes it also means: Something will fall 'by a grid' (become inaccessibl) what means rather material loss and vain efforts. Popular: (arab).: stand behind it: you will get in a sad situation, the iron: you will find rest, see: you will forfeit to you by your unapproachableness a lot, see themselves behind grids: Signs for internal captivity and dependence. (European ones).: freeing from all kinds of worries, - also: her friends estimate them higher than they mean, see themselves behind one: either one is dependent on other or not free, from a lattice-window look: Longing for a distant person, - one has isolated itself from the people, see a grid gate: one wishes something inaccessible, other see behind grids: one will have to put away for unworthy people privilege, Dreaming a young woman that her lovers sit behind grids she will be disappointing of his character, because he turns out swindler. (See also 'prison', prison')