In general: Furnace mouth (gouty deposit, furnace mouth pains) can be connected with the really existing illness and then requires as a body-conditioned dream no other interpretation. If this does not apply, a negative life setting with disappointment and bitterness about own destiny is often expressed in it. Psychologically: If one has them themselves, this circumscribes the worry, one cannot keep up with other any more so surely. One behaves (spiritually?) 'too motionlessly' or 'clumsy' - or feels a topical situation as restraining and qualifying. One feels brought around his freedom of movement. If one sees a gouty, own soul household or the contact with people is disturbed. Furnace mouth can also point to own vicinity and to the fear, a being close could be weakened by illness or accident. Popular: (arab).: have and feel pains: hard fall ill, - also: your position stands on shaky ground, you must pull yourself together. (European ones).: have: a business misses, - bitterness of the existence, - also: because of the silly behaviour of a relative up to the unbearableness are annoyed and suffer a low financial loss, see in others: spare your health. (ind).: have: your business does not go by your wish. (See also illness)