Psychologically: Team symbolises as one makes headway in the life and achieves his aims. Besides, the following meanings are possible: donkey team can announce problems and by rashness obstacles in debt. ox's team registers that one heads with a lot of energy pertinaciously and unflustered for aims. horse team promises quick progress without bigger obstacles. Artemidoros: All usual kinds of carriage, e.g., horse teams, donkey teams and mule teams, promise one blessing, the other unblessing. Unusual teams, however.B. with wolves, panthers, to HyƤnen and other wild animals, are only to people of use whom mighty enemies fear because the team animals to the driver are obedient. To go with a human team, brings only their advantage which want to rule, distant sophist, to teachers, gym instructor and slave traders, while it the remaining people in defamations of character and in go bad falls. Popular: (European ones).: with horses: if means luck, - also: Difficulties by jealousy, with cattle: Joy, with donkeys: points to silly stories. (See also carriage and under the animal names)