Spiritually: The barley is the symbol of the spiritual and physical strength and confidence. Artemidoros: The ordering of the field is for marrying and for childless of good premeaning, - the arable land means nothing else than the woman, the seeds and the plants the children namely to wheat the sons and barley the daughters, it indicates legumes, however, miscarriages, - to all remaining people strain and hardship. Popular: (arab).: see: Health attain, harvest: Birth of a daughter, as well as prosperity and a full life before, eat: it is given to one an indestructible health. (European ones).: (pearl barley) eat: if good health registers, see: you come to prosperity, - the work yields fruit, one does justice to the demands which are made in one. spoilt ones: if means loss. (ind).: see: you will come by the help of relatives to prosperity, eat: Health. (See also field, grain, grain)