In general: Captivity mostly indicates that one feels restricted, cannot develop freely, is isolated maybe too strongly from the contemporaries. This can have numerous causes which are recognizable only from the individual living conditions, - is to be thought above all of duties, inhibitions, morality images, feelings and passions. Always one should try to change this situation. Psychologically: Who sees himself as a prisoner, feels to circumstances or people engaged from whom he should free himself. Popular: (arab).: be (are caught): you will get in Miss's brightness. (European ones).: become: one will get a good position, be: one will have no food worries, - happy marriage, - also: with betrayal have to fight from which one cannot avoid, - injuries and misfortune will strike to one, arrest somebody: join sighting of people of lower state, arresting Becoming a woman, this means that she gets a husband who is jealous of her trust to other people, - or she receives the punishment for an indiscretion. (ind).: be: you will have no food worries.