Association: - Luxury, - Nascherei, - sweetness. Question: - What do I long for? Is my life sweet enough? Psychologically: Do you wish more security and 'childish pleasures'? They would like to be 'cooked' spoiltly, embraces, maybe affectionately - and do not admit it, however, often (or you avoid the opportunities) because you are afraid around your independence? A frequent man's dream of the (rather bodily) pleasures of the togetherness which, however, still rather than on the 'big freedom of the Single-Lebens' is renounced. What is valid, however, also for women: Who nibbles secretly from foreign biscuit tins, could 'choke' in his respect fears - not only in the dream! Popular: (arab).: see: a good premeaning, eat: gainful shops, prepare: Work of no avail, also waste and other irritating things. (European ones).: see lying: points to deceived hopes in dear problems and financial things, - also: are deceived by a crafty person, buy cake, eat, prepare or carry: if profit promises, - also: tender friendship, A young woman who herself bakes must be believed on the fact that her hopes do not come true.